A Guide For Choosing a Portable Mini Fridge

The main question is, mini refrigerator or regular refrigerator? Which type of fridge should I buy? There are a few factors that should be taken into account before buying a refrigerator.

1. The first factor that should be considered is free space. How much free space have you got available for your potential refrigerator? The best thing to do would be to dig up your measuring tape and find out the exact dimensions of your free space. Height, width and depth, write them down and always check out the specifications before purchasing a refrigerator. Obviously, if you have little space available, a mini fridge is more likely to be right for you.

2. The second factor would be price. Depending on how much you are willing or able to spend will narrow your choice down. On average, mini refrigerators are cheaper than regular fridges. There are exceptions of course. Some high quality mini fridges will surpass regular fridges with their price tags. mini refrigerator

3. The third factor should be, how large your family is. Or to put it differently, how many mouths do you feed? A family with 8 members definitely won’t be happy with a mini fridge. Since mini fridges have less space for storage (cubic feet) than regular refrigerators. If by any chance you did make the mistake of getting a mini fridge for a large family, you may have noticed that the food supplies run out way too quickly. The number of times you have to visit the grocery store will grow. This may become very frustrating for some people. They may not have the necessary time for all this grocery visits.

4. Does the particular model have a built in freezer compartment? This can be a very important factor. Larger families usually require a freezer compartment for storing meat and other less important foods like ice cream. Regular sized fridges almost always have a built in freezer. The size of the freezer may from model to model, but they all have freezers. The same cannot be said for mini fridges. Some mini fridges do have freezers while many of the don’t. Even the ones that do feature a freezer compartment may disappoint, since those freezers are way too small. They give off a lot of noise but give very little freezer space in return.


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