Mi 9 – Is it the Best Price on a High End Smartphone?


Mi 9 is an upcoming Android phone that’s a great mix of style and performance. The phone is said to be launched in India sometime in the next year (2021) at a price of Rs 37,900. It features a powerful chipset, dual camera lens, large touch screen and unique user interface. We believe that the Mi 9 is one of the most promising handsets from Google but it is going to face tough competition from handsets from the likes of LG, Sony Ericsson and Motorola. You should compare the specifications of the handset with your competitors before you decide to buy a handset.

There are two main unique features of the Mi 9 that differentiate it from the other mobiles currently available in the Indian market – the Mi Account and Mi Pad. Mi Account allows the user to store his or her favorite apps and websites on the phone and it acts as the virtual cell phone. This feature is similar to that of the SIM card accessor that allows users to insert a SIM card of any network provider and use it the same way they would a card inserted in their pocket. Users can also buy songs and videos directly from the Mi Store. Mi 9

The Mi 9 pre-order deal has been reduced from $49 to $40. Users must enter their credit card information during registration. The Mi 9 pre-order deal is valid for a week after registration. The deal offers free accessories like a free data cable, free microSD slot, free earphones, a free power adaptor and a free memory stick. These accessories can be used by the user after purchasing the handset.

Another unique feature of the Mi 9 pre-order deal is that it gives free usage of Google Maps. Users must visit the Google website and sign in using their Mi devices. After this, they can search through millions of maps based on their location and preferences. Users can also track their route and test whether the trip was successful.

The Mi 9 comes with a front camera and fingerprint scanner. Unlike the iPhone, the Mi 9 comes with a high-end camera with OIS (optical image sensor). This allows the user to take quality photos. The front camera of the device has a two-tone flash so that it is easier to set the right mood. The front camera also has an auto-focus feature.

The Mi 9 features four main variants including the blue version which comes with a 1s sensor, white version with dual sensors, black version with dual sensors and the redmi 9 international variant which offers 12mp. It also features a single rear camera and two front cameras. In terms of camera quality, the device offers better images than the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S. However, the iPhone has the edge over the Mi 9 in terms of speed. The device is also lighter and has a longer battery life. All in all, the Mi 9 lives up to its name as the best price on a high end smartphone.


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