Samsung a03s Waterproof Smartphone

Samsung A03S is a new feature phone, which is scheduled to be launched in September. Samsung A03S is the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for an all-plastic mobile with a big screen and a neat, flat body. The Samsung A03S comes with a dual-camera setup on the rear that includes an infrared filter, a high definition camera lens, and a high-speed dual-core processor. On the front, you’ll find a 3.5-inch widescreen LCD screen which is protected by Gorilla glass. samsung a03s

The Samsung A03S comes standard with a Samsung inverter preinstalled in it, so that it can function as a Bluetooth headset as well. The A03S can also connect to the Internet via a high-speed USB port, so that uploading your data will never be a problem. There are also a built-in MP3 player with headphones, as well as an external stereo audio port for listening to music while on the go. This phone also has an HDMI port for connecting the phone to a television set so you can enjoy watching your movies and videos.

The Samsung a03s has many features which make it different from its competitors. For example, this phone has a super AMOLED touch screen TFT display, which is way better than the usual capacitive type of screen. The screen has a response time of over a second, which means that watching videos or playing games will not be a problem, and it has been tested to play video games at a constant 60 frames per second.

When looking at the Samsung A03S and comparing it with other smartphones, you must consider what you are buying. Do you want to buy Samsung Galaxy A03S for the media features? You could consider buying the HTC Desire HD instead. If you want to get more memory out of the phone, then you should buy the LG Optimus G from Sony Ericsson. However, if you think you will use the camera more than the camera, then go for the iPhone 4G. These are the main differences when comparing the Samsung A03S and the competition.

The Samsung A03S is perfect for those who are into business. It comes with Samsung’s Universal Simular SIM which allows you to get various network providers at the same time. If you go for the contract plan with the network of your choice, you can enjoy free incoming calls and SMS, as well as free text messages and MMS. Apart from this, the note has a total of 21MP camera with optical zoom. It has a four-inch touchscreen and also support for the Windows Mobile 7.

The battery in the Samsung a03s is removable and is made from Gorilla glass. This allows you to use the phone underwater. So, the next time you buy an android smartphone, do not forget to check out its water-proof feature. Most people forget about this, but the truth is that most high-end phones are not water-resistant. The Samsung a03s makes you enjoy all the benefits of a waterproof smartphone, minus the inconvenience of having to deal with a wet phone when using it under the pool.


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